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The building at 834 North Rampart has a colorful history.  The original owner lived on the second floor, which was accessed by a wrought iron stair case running along the front of the building.  His barber shop was located on the first floor, which is home to GrandPre's now.  After closing and selling the property, it became a night club called L'Amour. 

Not much is known (or remembered) about this club, but in the early 1970's it became a gay club with the name Travis's.  A lot of hanky panky went on in the courtyard of the bar, which was common in gay bars at that time.

In the 1980's Andy Boudreaux bought the bar and turned it into the premier black gay club in the French Quarter.  When Andy died in the mid 1990's a bar owner from Texas decided to change the direction of the club and turning it into a gay bar.   He moved the bar from the side to the back of the room and built a leather shop on the side.  His extra-curricular activities caused the bar, known as Venture Inn to have a short life. 

The next bar to move in was the Club 305.  The bar was moved to its original place and a dance floor was built across from the bar.  This bar did not last long either and was purchased by a gay couple who would turn it into more of a show bar.  The name changed to Starlight On The Park.  Drag shows were the taste of the day.  Hard times fell on the pair and they were forced to sell to a man who had partnered in another French Quarter bar. This owner named the bar Michael's On The Park and kept up the tradition of Drag Shows.  Being one of the few bars on this end of the French Quarter with an entertainment license, he decided to put it to good use and have shows every weekend including Sundays.

Ken GrandPre' purchased the bar on March 7, 2014.  There are still drag shows, but he has added many other activities throughout the week.  The back patio is a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a great place to relax and enjoy a cocktail.  Ken is there all the time to show you a fun time and his staff is the friendliest you will find in the city.  Once you have visited GrandPre's you will be sure to come back.

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